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Grid Connection Infrastructure for the Authorised Seelo Alpha Solar PV Facility near Carletonville, between Gauteng and North West Provinces.

Sell Alpha Solar PV (RF) (Pty) Ltd is proposing the development of grid connection infrastructure for the authorised Seelo Alpha Solar PV Facility. The grid connection infrastructure includes a 132 kV overhead power line (to be assessed within a 100m wide corridor) and a 132kV switching substation to enable the evacuation of the generated electricity from the authorised solar PV facilities to the national grid. The affected properties are as follows:

Portion 2 of Farm Rooipan No. 96 and Portion 29 of Farm Welverdiend No. 97. The grid infrastructure is situated approximately 14 km north west of the town of Carletonville.

The proposed grid infrastructure traverses two (02) Provinces and is situated within the Merafong City Local Municipality, West Rand District Municipality in the Gauteng Province and JB Marks Local Municipality, Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality in the North West Province.

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