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Grid Connection Infrastructure as part of the Nyarhi Battery Energy Storage System near Viljoenskroon, Free State Province.

Nyarhi Solar Power Plant (RF) (Pty) Ltd is proposing the development of single / double circuit 132 kV Lines and 132 kV substations. These will be assessed within a corridor situated on Portions 1 and 4 of the Farm Die Hoek No. 114, the Farm Hoekplaats No. 598 (RE/190), Portion 3 of the Farm Groot Vaders Bosch No. 592; Portions 2 and 3 of the Farm Zaaiplaats No.190, the Farm Mispah No. 274 and the Farm Moab No.279. The project is to be situated within the Moqhaka Local Municipality, Fezile Dabi District Municipality, with the town of Viljoenskroon located approximately 28 km southeast of the proposed development.

The substations will have a footprint of up to 2ha whilst the power lines will be assessed within a 371 Ha corridor, with a length of up to 7 km and width of up to 1.7 km at the area surrounding the substation.

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