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Swartkop Solar 1 Photovoltaic Solar Energy Facility near Polokwane, Limpopo Province

Swartkop Solar 1 (Pty) Ltd is proposing the development of an up to 130 MW Photovoltaic Solar Energy Facility (SEF), including associated infrastructure (on-site substation, Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS), internal and perimeter access roads, operational and management buildings, temporary and permanent laydown areas, etc.) and 132kV Loop-in-Loop-out (LiLo) Electrical Grid Infrastructure (EGI), on Portion 13 of the Farm Wildebeestfontein No. 20 with the proposed access route located on Portion 7 and 8 of the Farm Deelkraal No. 22, Farm No 985, Portion 6, 30 and 43 of the Farm Rietkolk No. 23, The Remaining Extend, Portion 2 and Portion 4 of the Farm Beestekraal No. 32, Registration Division KS, situated within the Mogalakwena Local Municipality, Waterberg District Municipality. The town of Polokwane is located approximately 17 km northeast of the proposed SEF

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) footprint will be approximately 260 hectares in extent.
Kindly direct all comments, queries and responses to:
EAP: Matthew Ellero / Marélie Botha
Cell:  (079) 254-2366 (WA) / (082) 493-5166


Documents for public review are
available for download.