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Blue Crane
Renewable Energy

We Specialise in

utility scale
energy and
electrical grid

Blue Crane Environmental’s team of experts specialise in utility scale renewable energy and electrical grid infrastructure projects in South Africa. Our leadership team possesses a wealth of experience, having successfully completed, reviewed, and managed over a hundred Environmental Impact Assessment
processes, specifically tailored for the renewable energy sector.

We take pride in our comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in conducting screening studies for a variety of wind and solar energy projects. These studies enable us to assess the feasibility of developing wind and solar farms in specific areas, ensuring optimal project outcomes.

Our capabilities extend to delivering consulting services for large-scale infrastructure developments, townships, and agricultural initiatives. We possess the necessary tools and expertise to tackle various challenges across multiple industries.

At Blue Crane Environmental, we are committed to providing exceptional services, backed by our vast experience and unparalleled expertise. Collaborate with us to transform your vision into a sustainable reality.


Mrs. Marélie Botha – Managing Director

B. Sc. Tourism – Zoology & Geography B. Sc. (Hons) Environmental Management and Geography

11+ years’ experience. EAPASA Registered: (2021/3834) and IAIAsa Member.

Marélie Botha is a result-driven environmental specialist with a wealth of experience in technical, theoretical, and practical aspects of environmental management. With over 100 successful reviews and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) under her belt, Marélie has developed a strong expertise in the development of solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities. She maintains an impressive 100% approval rate for her EIAs, demonstrating her exceptional competence in the field.

As a key member of the team, Marélie is responsible for the successful delivery of projects from start to finish, including project management, overseeing the project team’s execution of tasks, budget and timeframe management, and maintaining strong relationships with clients. She has a pragmatic approach to problem-solving and is dedicated to achieving project objectives efficiently and effectively.

Mrs. Lisa de Lange

BA. Psychology, Geography and Environmental Studies B. Sc. (Hons) Environmental Management and Geography

8+ years’ experience. EAPASA Registered: (2020/2150) and IAIAsa Member

Lisa de Lange is a seasoned environmental assessment practitioner with a proven track record in problem-solving, managing project and regulated timeframes, and producing high-quality reporting. Her expertise has been honed through her involvement in numerous high-profile renewable and non-renewable energy projects and environmental processes that required extensive consultation with stakeholders such as interested and affected parties (I&APs), organs of state, NGOs, and NPOs.

Lisa has successfully navigated the complexities of stakeholder engagement in these projects, including those that have been highly controversial. In particular, she has been instrumental in the EIA process for the development of wind farms, working closely with stakeholders such as Bird Life South Africa and GroundWorks. Lisa is committed to ensuring that all parties have a voice in the process, and her approach has been praised for its transparency, inclusivity, and sensitivity to the concerns of all stakeholders.